Importance of a Mobile-First Layout Assessment

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Mobile First Layout Assessment

First of all, it is important to understand what the concept of the mobile-first layout is and how it can be applied. The mobile-first layout is a method where the focus is on the development of projects totally directed to mobile devices. The mobile-first layout opts for the mobile architecture in the foreground and the desktop right after. The concept has become popular in the communication and technology market, given that the use of smartphones has helped to revolutionize the mobile-first market and culture.

In e-commerce, mobile devices also gain more than 60% of access time. Research continues to reinforce what we already know: we need to transform the way we work and apply the mobile-first layout in all areas of our business.

Is mobile-first layout the same thing as responsive design?

No, it’s not the same. While responsive design automates the adaptation of products with a desktop focus to other screens, the mobile-first layout focuses primarily on this user’s mobile experience. When thinking about products with a mobile-first layout, you favor people who access from mobile devices and gain even more attention from this predominant market share.

Responsive Design

Do you know the importance of applying the mobile first layout?

The main objective of the mobile-first layout is to offer the user an extremely superior experience when it comes to mobile and internet. It is also important to mention that if your client feels more comfortable in mobile-first model navigation, the chance of closing a deal probably increases considerably. The main function of the mobile-first layout is to facilitate people’s contact with your product, always remember that. The market is being completely remodeled and being out of the mobile-first can directly mean losing to the competition.

What should I give priority to in a mobile first layout?

When working on a project using the mobile-first layout technique, you need to take into account some factors before development. And, also you need to know that both content and navigability are very important.

How fast are your pages loading? According to Google Data, more than 50% of mobile visits are left out when a page has a loading time of more than 3 seconds.

Have an impact on the loading of your site. Having an effective message makes your customer feel attracted and stay there. Otherwise, you may soon be exchanged for millions of other possibilities that the internet offers at every moment.

Always think in what context the user is accessing your site. According to Test My Site, users who are not satisfied with a mobile experience have up to 62% less chance of returning to consume their content or product.

Analyze data for mobile with good software. This ensures that measurements of the results of your actions are being carried out with great precision.

How to apply a mobile-first layout?

Now it’s time to apply the mobile-first layout and get even closer to your audience. You need to know what are the best ways to implement all the ideas in your layout and be very careful with the design of the project. Here are some tips on how to apply the mobile first layout:

Website: Your website is the first step in a well-designed mobile-first project strategy. Have a full focus on navigability for mobile devices.

Social Networks:  digital presence is one of the most used terms today and should be done with excellence when we talk about mobile. A good tip is to publish content with less text and bet on photos and videos.

E-mail marketing: it is important to send content that draws attention and can be accessed in the palm of your hand. E-mails with mobile priority prevent responsive adaptation errors that diminish the font or misconfigure the look on different devices.

The mobile-first layout is a strong trend in the market and needs to be rooted in all your business projects. Take into account all the changes that technology and consumer behavior has undergone in recent years and adapt to remain in the market satisfactorily. The mobile-first is synonymous with results, believe me.

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