Quarantine: Use Your Website to Get Closer to Customers

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April 5, 2020
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The world is going through a difficult time. The situation is delicate for health and the global economy. We at Spyfoxx, know that dealing with all this will not be an easy task. Therefore, in this article, we will bring you several tips so that, through your website, you can be closer to your customers, even during the quarantine that occurs due to the Corona Virus.

The internet has no borders, so you should exploit technology to the fullest to get closer to your customers, or even win over new customers who need your service but don’t want to leave home.

Check out what can be done on your company’s website to strengthen the relationship between your company and your customer in this Quarantine period:

Service Channels Notices:  Create pop-ups with notices about the form of service being used by your company in this pandemic period.

SSL configuration (https):  Use the SSL configuration to obtain benefits that can improve your website’s ranking on Google. Learn more in this article.

SSL Configuration

Contact details:  keep your contact options, such as phones, emails up to date so your customers can connect with you quickly.

WooCommerce Shipping Methods:  If you use WooCommerce to sell your products, you should review the delivery methods used. For example, if you use the “Withdraw on-site” form and your physical store is closed, this option must be removed from e-commerce. Also, be aware that in this period, the delivery time may vary, notify your customers of possible changes in delivery.

WooCommerce Shipping Methods

E-mail redirection:  If you use more than one e-mail account, pay attention to the redirection so that you can control the incoming e-mails.

WhatsApp button:  In addition to the chat, you can also activate the WhatsApp button on the website to function as an online chat, so your customers can quickly contact your company.

These are some of the actions that can be done in your company so that you can be closer to your customers.


In addition to the tips already mentioned, we will address two more issues that can leverage your business in this period of crisis.

Social networks

If you have a company, it is ideal that you are on social networks. Find out which networks your target audience is in and be present on them. Using social networks to communicate with your users can be one more option to improve the connection between you and your customers and users, who may become your customers in the near future.

Social networks

Online courses

The EAD (Distance Education) teaching method emerged more than a decade ago. Currently, with the evolution of technology, courses taken through online platforms have been gaining more strength and more followers, since it is possible to study without leaving home.

Online courses

Now, in this quarantine period, it is possible to notice that the number of companies that are offering online courses has grown considerably. If you are a company that until recently offered only face-to-face courses, it is time to reinvent yourself and also adapt to the new reality. This can be a way to change your company’s economic scenario in this period.


Now that you know what to do to improve your relationship with your customers in this quarantine period, answer this question: Is your site ready to go through this quarantine period? It is worth mentioning that when putting the tips into practice, the entire process that involves updating and modifying your website must be done safely. So, leave your site with those who understand the subject!

If you need support to update your website or e-commerce in WordPress, remember that you can always count on Spyfoxx that has a team of WordPress experts!

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