What is DropShipping and how can it be used in practice

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April 19, 2020
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For those who work with e-commerce, inventory is usually one of the major problems faced. The management and space to maintain a stock leaves many entrepreneurs aimless and, thinking about it, some companies that supply products developed DropShipping. But, after all, what is DropShipping and how can it help you with product inventory and goods storage? That’s what we’re going to find out today. Keep reading.

What is DropShipping

What is DropShipping?

It is common for e-commerce to have its own stock and, through it, send goods after payment confirmation, right? However, this is a type of operation that ends up generating a high cost to purchase, physical space, team investment, etc.

Usually, the entrepreneur wants to open e-commerce, but with the high cost to invest in a stock or rent a storage point, he ends up giving up. And that is where the DropShipping system is needed.

DropShipping is a system designed with a focus on cost reduction. In this way, the supplier is responsible for storing the product. Thus, when an order is placed by the consumer, the shopkeeper communicates to his supplier and passes the order with all the necessary information. Thereafter, the supplier is fully responsible for the entire process, from the separation of the goods to shipping to the final customer.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Dropshipping

What are the advantages of using DropShipping in my business?

The strategies applied in the DropShipping system bring many advantages for those who want to become a great virtual entrepreneur. Cost reduction is, of course, one of the main benefits, since the store owner will not need to invest in stock and storage of goods.

In addition, operational risks are reduced to practically zero, since the seller only places the order with the supplier after the sale is completed. The ease of trading should also be taken into account when it comes to DropShipping! As we said at the beginning of the article, all responsibility lies with the supplier. So, nothing of the shopkeeper to worry about storage, packaging and shipping.

And, finally, we cannot stop talking about the possibility of greatly increasing the variety of products offered in your e-commerce. As the stock is disassociated with a physical space, it can offer as many products in its e-commerce as it wants, according to each customer profile. With the increase in product variety, your sales are sure to increase as well.

Even with these facilities, it is important to provide good customer service. DropShipping is just like any other e-commerce business, so providing excellent service to store consumers is a crucial factor for success. Having a well-trained team is a start. If you sell in different countries, it is also important to know what consumers in other markets expect. Therefore, all that an e-commerce entrepreneur needs to start his business is a good computer and internet access.

What are the risks and disadvantages of DropShipping?

Unfortunately, the disadvantages and risks exist and, therefore, some entrepreneurs are still uncomfortable using the method.

In his own stock, the shopkeeper is able to negotiate better values ​​since the purchases are made in large volume, in DropShipping the order is unique and the possibility of negotiation becomes a little more complicated. As a result, profit margins may decrease according to each negotiation with the supplier.

The lack of information and systems integration can also be challenging for those who choose to use DropShipping. So that there are no setbacks, it is essential that the shopkeeper always have an updated list of all products that the supplier has stock. Some businessmen already offer integration systems between tenants, and this technology makes it much easier when carrying out negotiations.

It is also common for the entrepreneur to purchase products from different suppliers and, if this happens, the shipping cost will be multiplied accordingly. In fact, this is one of the factors that most generate withdrawal of the purchase, since the final value may be quite different from what is expected.

Not to mention the competition! A lot of competition. Products that work well with DropShipping are popular among many businesses in the industry that are trying to get their share of the market. As this business model has lower margins, this also means that tenants cannot normally compete with lower prices.

Therefore, in order to circumvent the risks, it is important to add value to buyers. We know that in the competitive world of DropShipping, this becomes even more relevant. Shopkeepers should keep in mind that they are not just selling products. If businesses find ways to improve the user experience in the store and also with the product sold, they will be able to build a successful DropShipping store.

Another important tip is: keep an eye on your competition. In addition to checking your sites, follow them on social media as well. Thus, you can check what they are promoting and monitor the level of interaction it generates, such as how many likes, shares and comments. Keeping an eye on the competition can help you identify the best products for your store, as well as excellent marketing insights.

In short, DropShipping is nowhere near a simple business. We can define it as a highly competitive business, but with high profitability. Just keep an eye on the market and have effective planning.

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